Our peaches are SO beautiful this year. Our tree has only been in for about 2 years, but after thinning it earlier this summer, it produced these plump, sweet, fragrant beauties.


If you don’t thin your fruit, you will get more peaches, but they wont be as big, and the weight of all those little peaches can be a strain on your tree’s bending branches.  Just “unscrew” the fruit from the branch by twisting it until it pops loose. Don’t just pull it off, as it can pull strips of the branch off with it! Also, You want to wait to for the fruit to set, as not all the tiny peaches that form early in the season will actually stay on the tree (this is often referred to as the “June-drop”). I thin mine to about 1 peach every 4-6″ sometime around July. Thinning relieves the tree (especially a young one like ours) from the weight of excess fruit, and it makes the fruit you do pick larger and of a higher quality. I highly recommend it!


Ours is of the Elberta variety. It seems to ripen around mid-season, and we’ve been picking them for a week or so. Fresh, ripe peaches are glorious right off the tree, in baked goods, or in a simple but ever delicious bowl of peaches and cream.


*Sigh* There are just few things that can compare…

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