Get Prepped!

Prepping AKA emergency preparedness. Some people prep for the end of the world. Others prep for natural disaster, warfare, political unrest. Some prepare for epidemic, power outage, extreme weather, medical emergency, or job loss. Some prep simply because their religious or political leaders encourage it. Whether one or all of the above reasons appeal to your sense of urgency, prepping is a good idea. With even a basic understanding of history, it’s easy to see that disaster will strike…and you and your family could be the victims.

It’s easy to become complacent. I live in a region where major natural disasters are extremely rare. Many of us, myself included, have never known the fear of being marked as an immediate target by a specific and hate-filled enemy. And while there have been a few infectious disease scares over the past year,  most of us here in the U.S. have lived lives relatively shielded from serious contagions. I personally have never experienced life with long-term, or frequent, power outages, nor have I lived with fear in a place plagued by riots and looting. I haven’t been forced to leave my home to ensure my family’s safety. I haven’t ever been desperately hungry because food was not available. I’ve never had to filter, bleach, or boil my water to make it safe to drink.

But that could quickly change, and without warning.

History tells me that at least one of the above scenarios is extremely likely to happen in my life time. And who am I to ignore history?


We are a Scouting family, and we believe in the motto: Be Prepared!  Part of that preparation is stocking up on necessary and useful items. Part is practicing skills that increase chances of survival and long term self sufficiency. But just as important as the first two parts is learning from the past, studying history, and as a family of faith, searching scripture and putting our trust in God.

Please, join us here at Wildflower Independence for prepping reminders and ideas, and join me and my family in readying ourselves for whatever may come our way. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments, as well as any suggestions for future prepping posts!

Whatever prepping means to you, please, don’t wait until disaster is breaking down the door. It may already be knocking.

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