First Gooseberry Harvest!


I planted two ‘Poorman’ gooseberries 2-3 years ago in our garden. Didn’t get any berries last year, but this year we actually got a harvest!


Aren’t they beauties! They turned from pale green to this rosy color as they ripened.


I will warn those of you that might be interested in planting your own gooseberry bushes that they are thorny, and you kind of have to reach into the plant to retrieve the berries. But it’s worth it!


Gooseberries are often used in jams and preserves, as they apparently can be pretty sour. But these are plenty sweet enough for me to eat them right off the bush, even when they are still a little green! Even Baby Boy ate a few today, and he’s a much more picky eater than I am. *smile* Tart and sweet, with a flavor similar in taste and texture to cranberry sauce.


The plants have done pretty well I’d say, and though our harvest wasn’t huge this year, it’s a lot more than last years! It’s always exciting to reap the first fruits of your labor!

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