First Day of Nursery!

Last Sunday was Baby Boy’s first official day in the nursery at our church! And bless Daddy for thinking of taking photos of him on the momentous occasion!


This is a classic Baby Boy look. He doesn’t actually have an underbite, he just throws his jaw forward when he’s being cheeky. He gets it from his Momma. The fake underbite, I mean… and maybe the cheeky.


Sweet little thing!



I’m not sure why he is crying in this one, but I like his cute face, even when it’s sad.


This boy loves to color, and Daddy got a few shots of him with his new crayons (thanks Fowlers!). P.S. That coffee table has had more than it’s fair share of being colored on.


Ok, see the look he’s giving Daddy in the photo below, as he dumps all of the crayons out of the box? A little blurry, I know, but it was a good example of his “I know you are watching me, but I am still going to do this thing that I know you don’t wan’t me to do” look. Little mess-maker!


He had a great time in the nursery. He loved all the toys and I think he was excited to have all the other little kids around. He needs some practice with sharing toys, but he’s so smart, and he’s learning fast! We are so proud of him!

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