Cherry Tomato Tasting 2014

It’s well known that store bought tomatoes just can’t compete with the rich, sweet, complex flavor of home grown. I find this holds true with cherry tomatoes too.


These beauties are Sun Sugar, Black Cherry, and the red ones, I’m fairly positive, are Super Sweet 100s. This particular batch grew in Bryce’s “office” raised bed garden.


Sun Sugar and Black Cherry won the taste contest for me, with Sun Sugar in first place. They are sweeter than the reds, especially the Sun Sugars, and I love the bright gold and subdued purplish colors. However, everyone seems to have their own idea as to what makes a great cherry tomato.  My father in law prefers the more classic, less sweet tomato flavor of the Super Sweet 100s.


Do you have a favorite cherry or grape tomato? I’d love to try some new varieties next year! And last but not least, anyone have a great recipe that highlights cherry tomatoes? Suggestions please and thank you!

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