Capture the moments


Since scoring my new camera (happy birthday, and merry christmas to me AND Bryce!), I have delighted in my new ability to take high quality photographs of my son. It was actually one of the main reasons, if not THE main reason, that I felt we should fork out the cash.

As a stay at home mother, I am blessed with the opportunity to witness nearly every irreplaceable moment of growth, every new discovery. I get to nuzzle his soft cheeks, kiss his tiny lips and subdue his wispy hair.


I get to hold him as I read him stories, listen to his adorable singing and teach him animal noises.




I get to see his excitement when Daddy get’s home. I get to teach him how to be “soft”. It breaks my heart a bit every time I think of how fast time takes our children from our cradled arms and pulls them into adulthood. Unfortunately, the world we live in seems to be taking that race to heart, forcing our children to “grow up” younger, and so often teaching them that to survive they must be callous and uncaring. 


I hope and pray that I can somehow guard my children long enough, that they can see and CHOOSE the good in the world, and keep their tender hearts.


But in the meantime, I am capturing in earnest moments and images that will help me remember the tender little kisses, and wide gappy smiles. Oh, I love him so!


Try to capture the fleeting moments that exist when your children are tiny, trusting and brave. 



They are honest in their expressions, with little understanding of what it means to put on a “face” of any kind.


While they still get excited over what, to us, has become mundane and expected.


Capture the tiny dimples on each knuckle, and the soft fleshy feet that disappear with babyhood.



Memorize the full cheeks, and sharp little teeth.


Catch the light of excitement, zeal, interest, and hope in their shining wide-open eyes. 


Remember simpler days full of laughter and grimaces, that by their teen years, may not be so easily won.


While they are soft and open-hearted and yours, photograph your children!

A photograph to a grieving parent will be priceless. To an aged parent, a distant parent.

To any parent.


Don’t always wait until they are clean, well groomed, and dressed to to impress. Don’t assume that the only tiny faces that you will miss someday are the smiling ones. Whether you use a professional camera, a phone or a disposable camera (Yes, they still sell them!), preserve the moments before they’re gone!

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