Berry Envy

So a few days ago, my Mom and I took Baby Boy on a walk. We walked over to Grandpa and Grandma’s house, but on our way there we saw this:

Big, red raspberries, loaded on canes!


And we saw THIS:


This neighbor’s garden usually looks tempting, but when the red currants look like that…just dripping off the branches…it’s hard walk by without staring! Truth be told, I’ve never tasted a red currant. My understanding is that they should mainly be used for jellies and so on, as they are tart. But imagine the jelly those glowing, red jewels would make! I REALLY want to plant some currant bushes, but I’ve held off because I’m not sure that we’ll live in our home long enough to see the results. Should I do it anyway? Is there anything your neighbors have planted in their yard that you wish you had in yours too?


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