Beets? Little Help Here?!

Can I just start out by saying, beets are drop-dead gorgeous! The colors are vivid, bright and deep. I love the red veining that runs through the leaves, the contrast is just beautiful. And golden beets have a beautiful orange, almost red glow…


Now, that I’ve swooned over them a bit, I have a confession. I don’t have a lot of experience growing beets. And I could definitely use some advice. As far as I can remember, this is my second year attempting to grow them, and the first year I’ve ever grown the golden variety.


For some reason the goldens were not nearly as hardy as my plain ol’ red variety (I think they were Detroit Dark Reds). Is this a normal occurance? I planted about the same number of reds and golds, and my reds came up pretty reliably, while only a couple of the golds held on long enough to even form a root! What’s up with that?!

They were in the same bed, and should have recieved close to the same amount of water, AND I think I even planted them at the same time!!


Another question: They are beautiful this year, and I’ve really enjoyed using the tops as cooked greens with my swiss chard…


But why are my beet roots so small? They are barely larger than hefty radishes!


Does anyone out there have great advice for growing large rooted beets? And should I just expect the goldens to be less reliable than the standard red variety?


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