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Preparing for the future as we learn from the past.

I am a wife, mother, artist, vocalist, writer, lover of the outdoors, reader, amateur seamstress, want to-be chef, and homemaker. I grew up watching my grandparents conjure food and flowers from the soil. My parents taught me to work hard by example. I was a builder of grass and tree houses, and I spent the majority of my childhood singing as I wandered russian olive-lined alfalfa fields. Sounds pretty idyllic, right? Well, it was.

I have always had a love of self-sufficiency. I read and reread a vintage copy of the Boy Scout handbook as a child with vigor, and some of my very favorite books were tales of people that found themselves in desperate situations.  In each story, the protagonist survived using skills he had learned from study, or by watching and learning from the example of others. It seems that I have always known how dangerous it can be when the basic skills of survival are lost to us.

Unfortunately this age of technology, even while educating us has also made the majority us ignorant. We have become so dependent on convenience products that many of us don’t know how provide the basic necessities should we ever be required to do so. We can cross our fingers, but there is no guarantee that our lives will remain as comfortable as they are, aided by technology that in so many ways has made us weak. This blog celebrates life, our family, and documents my attempts at learning to be more self sufficient. I am implementing life skills as I glean them from the past and the present.  Join me!


Contact me at jessica@wildflowerindependence.com

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dru Huffaker

    I love this wildflowerindependence.com blog! Jessica is a beauty woman who has learned to appreciate and treasure the simple things in life. Her style is carefree and genuine. Her insights are helpful, interesting and offer suggestions to make each day better. I would recommend her blog to anyone who looks for ways to improve the lives of their family and friends and wants to embrace and live life more abundantly!


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