A Nightmarish Halloween 2014

Warning: Lot’s of grainy cell photos to follow!

One of our little guy’s favorite movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas. He has been singing the songs from that show almost as long as he has been able to talk. So we thought Nightmare inspired costumes would be a great choice for our family this Halloween. My costume was store bought plus a wig and accessories I already had, Little Man’s was store bought and then altered and customized, and Bryce’s was a hand sewn last minute creation. It took about 3 hours, and we finished his costume just as the festivities were starting. His costume was made based on this tutorial here.


We went trick or treating, and Little Man LOVED it. He couldn’t (or wouldn’t) grasp the idea that he should only take one piece of candy, so despite us reminding him at nearly every door, he would smoothly collect candy in his pumpkin until the candy bowl was taken out of his reach. He probably ended up with double what all the other kids did. Ha!


We ended with a Halloween tradition…party at Great Grandma and Grandpa’s house! Lot’s of yummy food (It was mexican this time) and the adults and teens spent the night terrifying trick-or-treaters in Grandma’s annual spook alley.


Thanks Jess for taking this photo of the spook alley!


Who would have guessed Sally and the Oogey Bogey Man were so cosy…


We hope you had a spooky and fun Halloween!

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